Bangkok (Thailand 1/6)

Finally! After quite some hours reviewing photos I have made some kind of “final selection” of the pictures that better show Bangkok the way I saw it. This is just the first episode of 6 that would try to cover in photos my days in Thailand.

Monks getting ready to enter the Great Palace

I selected the above photo to be the featured image of this portfolio because, undoubtedly, the grief for their recently deceased King during his birthday really make a difference in visit to the city.

Of course, there was much more to the city than that. Far from the more traditional street markets (which have more turist than locals actually), we found the very modern “Bangkok Artbox”. A really hipster street market full of Bangkok city dwellers.

Lots of big yellow light bulbs and…
…shipping containers as food stalls.

Since there will be a more chapters just dedicated to temples and Buddhas, I won’t mentione the ones in Bangkok. But remember you can give them a look at the full portfolio!


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