Ayutthaya (Thailand 2/6)

A city full of temples, ruins, Buddha images…. what else can you ask for!?

Most famous spot in Ayutthaya.

I arrived at this city with a completely wrong idea, I had the impression Ayutthaya was something similar to Angkor Archaeological Park¬†(Cambodia) but smaller. Nothing further from reality. This is a small but quite lively city that happens to have a lot of ruins from its older “version”.

One of the world’s biggest laying Buddhas

Even though it’s quite small on a map, the distance and quantity of things to see make Ayutthaya a perfect candidate for a scooter ride. And so we did. Using this widely extended vehicle we manage to see everything we were planning during one single day.

As usual, you can find all photos taken in Ayutthaya in my portfolio.


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