Chiang Rai (Thailand 3/6)

Up north Thailand there are two famous towns: Chiang Rai & Chiang Mai. They are actually called that way in order to confuse foreingers. Though famous, it was a great surprise to find that Chiang Rai is the perfect getaway from the tourist places.

The smile guardian approves this post.

So if you are wondering how can Chiang Rai be both, famous and not tourist, that’s an easy question. Chiang Mai is like the north Thailand tourists central station, as such, most people will stay there and go for a day trip to “Chiang Rai”. Quotes intended, because actually people will go to the White and the Black Temples, not the city itself.

Little Buddha at the White Temple

Hence, I’ll recommend you to stay for the night at this little city. You’ll be able to visit these two keystone places during the day and enjoy one of the better dinners we had in a Thai Night Market, the typical Chiang Rai hotpot.

As you can see in the background there are mostly locals.

As usual you can see all photos taken in this city in my portfolio entry: Chiang Rai.


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