Chiang Mai (Thailand 4/6)

So we arraived to Chiang Mai and with that we start our days in the nature. Quite a change from Bangkok and the big temples!

Views from our home stay in Mae Tang


Actually at Chiang Mai there were some nice temples. But the city as a whole a bit of a disappointment, basically is a big base camp for tourists who are aiming for some trekking (as ourselves). Obviously this has some consequences like higher prizes, not so Thai food, etc…

One of the nicer temples in Chiang Mai

But once you left the city, you’ll find absolute beauty. First at a butterfly and orchid’s farm (which I think Cee will really love) were most people stop in their way to the trekking villages.

After that we started the trekking through Mae Tang. What to say? Nature there is really amazing, views are breathtaking and the villages are lovely.

As usual you can find the whole Chiang Mai gallery at my portfolio.


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