Khao Sok (Thailand 5/6)

After a couple days of trekking through the mountains in Chiang Mai, we went for some… more trekking!! This time through a lake in the jungle.

Khao Sok National Park


Truth be told, before the trekking we did a quick stop at Khao Lak. Although this is not the nicest place we went, it does have a very beautiful park where you can take a nice walk (maybe with a mild unevenness) that will be rewarded on your arrival at the “Sandy Beach”


Quite the idyllic place

Having “rested” at Khao Lak we take a 2/3 hours ride to Khao Sok. At this point we stayed at the (probably) most amazing hotel I’ve been ever. I do know there are better hotels, but the way this one is integrated in its environment its really nice. Also the personal attention was great.

RiverSide (3)
Yep, there are two huts in this photo.

Unfortunately I don’t have any pics of the lake hiking, lets say it was more on the extremes sports side. My DSLR is definitely not the best partner for this kind of thing. However, you can check the rest of the photos as always in the Khao Sok entry through my portfolio.


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